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International transport and forwarding

We specialize in the transport of spatial cargo with cubic capacity up to 118 cubic meters with 38 pallet slots (tandem combinations).

Thanks to 200 own trucks and extensive cooperation in the forwarding market we can handle any order. Our range of services covers the whole of Europe.

Mobile forklifts are an additional element facilitating unloading and loading.

Working in just-in-time model

We know that timely collection and delivery of cargo affects the planning and efficiency of your production – that is why we are precise. We pick and deliver on time. Just like that.

Efficient loading

Convenient and efficient loading speeds up warehousing and transport operations. That is why our combinations have the perfect equipment for the job, including: crossover trapezium, which enables the whole combination to be loaded simultaneously, and the retractable and raised roofs, which allow for side and top loading. We can also do the unloading ourselves, e.g. on the construction site, with combinations equipped with a mobile forklift truck.


All our vehicles are certified in accordance with PN EN 12642 Code XL (“Safe Load”) and SAFETY LOCK certified cargo securing system. Full aluminum formwork and aluminum body is the standard equipment of our fleet. All trucks meet the Euro 6 emission standard. The company has a cargo insurance policy – 10 000 000 EUR. We have installed Transics transport, fleet, driver, cargo and order management system in all vehicles – so you can track your shipment’s location in real time.

Dedicated account managers

Dedicated account managers relate to the specificity of your business in order to carry out your orders in the best quality and optimal cost. Their excellent knowledge of foreign languages, regulations and the specifics of the various modes of transport guarantee you a perfect and efficient service. A 24-hour contact with the manager guarantees full control of the load in every situation.

Fast circulation of documents and electronic invoices

Transport documents will be delivered in up to 24 hours – this is possible thanks to full telematics – including scanners in our trucks. Invoices are sent by electronic means. Fast and efficient.

FTL and LTL transport throughout Europe

Our trucks can be found all over the European Union; every day we deliver cargo in countries such as: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland. We also travel to the Baltic countries, including Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Call us and set the direction in which we will move your cargo!

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